Five principles of equipment lubrication management
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The five principles of equipment lubrication management include "five fixed management" and "three filtration". The specific contents are as follows: the content of "five fixed management" of equipment lubrication.


(1) add oil, change oil, and check the liquid level and oil supply according to the specified parts, lubrication points and inspection points (oil standard peephole) on the lubrication chart at fixed points.


 (2) Determine the quality, determine the type, brand and quality requirements of the oil required for the lubrication parts, and the quality of the oil must be tested and qualified. There should be scientific basis for using substitute materials or mixing substitutes. Lubricating devices and appliances shall be complete and clean to prevent oil pollution.


(3) Daily lubrication shall be carried out for the lubricating parts according to the specified quantity, the oil consumption quota management shall be implemented, and the oil filling, refueling and oil tank cleaning and oil change shall be done well.


(4) Regularly add oil according to the interval specified on the lubrication card, and conduct sampling test according to the specified interval. According to the results, determine the cleaning and oil change or circulating filtration, and determine the next sampling test time, which is an important link to do a good job in lubrication.

(5) The designated personnel shall divide the work according to the provisions on the chart, and the operators, maintenance workers and lubricators shall be responsible for refueling, adding oil, cleaning and changing oil respectively, and the personnel responsible for sampling and submitting for inspection shall be specified. The equipment department shall prepare the lubrication "five fixed management" specification table, specifying which equipment, which part, what oil to use, how long the refueling (oil change) cycle, what refueling device to use, who is responsible, etc. With the development of science and technology and the accumulation of experience, we should further enrich and improve the "five fixed management" in practice.