Components and functions of automatic oil supply systems
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The oil supply system of automatic transmission is mainly composed of oil pump, oil tank, filter, pressure regulator andpipeline. The oil pump is one of the most important assemblies of an automatic transmission, which is usually installedbehind the toroue converter and driven by a bushing at the rear end of the toroue converter housing. When the engine isrunning, whether the car is running or not, the oil pump is running, providing a certain amount of hydraulic oil to thetorque converter, shift actuator, and automatic shift control system part of the automatic transmission.Automatic transmission is generally inseparable from the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic systemis provided by the oil supply system, so the oil supply system is one of the indispensable and important parts of theautomatic transmission.

The composition of the oil supply system is different because of its diferent uses, but the main components are basicallythe same, generally composed of each branch oil supply system, oil pump and auxiiary device, pressure regulatingdevice and other parts. The function of the oil supply system is to supply oil to the transmission and maintain sufficientcompensation pressure and fow to ensure that the hydraulic element completes the function of transmitting power.Prevent cavitation generated by the toroue converter, and take away the heat of the torque converter in time to maintainthe normal operating temperature. ln some construction vehicles and heavy transport vehicles, it is also necessary toprovide suficient flow and temperature suitable oil to the hydraulic reducer, so that it can absorb the kinetic energy of thevehicle in a timely manner and obtain a satisfactory braking effect. Supply oil to the control system, and maintain theworking oil pressure of the main oil circuit to ensure the smooth operation of each control mechanism, Ensuring oisupply to shift clutches, etc, o meet the control needs of gear shifting, etc. Provide lubricating oil for the moving parts ofthe entire transmission such as gears, bearinas, thrust caskets. clutch friction plates, etc, and ensure normal lubricatinooil temperature. Through the circulating heat dissipation and cooling of the oil, the heat of the entire automatictransmission can be dissipated, so that the transmission can be kept within a reasonable temperature rangeThe oil pump is one of the most important components of an automatic transmission, it is usually installed behind thetorque converter, driven by a bushing at the rear end of the torque converter housing. In the oil supply system of thetransmission, the commonly used oil pumps are internal gear pumps, rotary lobe pumps and vane pumps.